Laboratory Glassware Washer With Drying System, Condensor, Basic, 60cm - Smeg GW4060C

Laboratory Glassware Washer With Drying System, Condensor, Basic, 60cm - Smeg GW4060C
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Laboratory Glassware Washer With Drying System, Condensor, Basic, 60cm - Smeg GW4060C

·         washing up to 95°C - antibacterical thermal disinfection

·         electronic programming: 9 setted programmes + 6 free programmes

·         microprocessor programmable electronic control

·         serial port RS232 for connection to external printer or PC

·         forced hot air drying system with air filter 98% DOP

·         high efficency steam condenser Ecoslim, with cold water injection

·         alkaline powder detergent dispenser

·         peristaltic pump for acid liquid neutralizer

·         possibility of installing up to 2 additional peristaltic pumps

·         washing chamber and internal door in AISI 316L stainless steel

·         external panels made in AISI 304 stainless steel

·         2 indipendentent washing levels through telescopic guides

·         external dimensions LxWxH (mm) 600x605x850

·         internal working dimensions LxWxH (mm) 520x515x545

·         incorporated water softener with salt sensor

·         cold water and demineralized water connections

·         electronic door lock system for user safety

·         electrical connection 3P+N 400V 50Hz 7kW max

·         single phase version available 1/N/PE 230V 50Hz 2.8Kw max (GW4060C1)

·         60Hz version available

·         without trolleys

Glassware Washer
Electronic Control Microprocessor
Standard Programs Stored 15 of which 9 pre-set and 6 modifiable
Clock and Calendar Yes
Reprogrammable Phases 10
Chamber Internal Temperature From room temperature to 95°C
Accuracy 0.1°C
Temperature Sensors in Chamber 1 x PT 1000 CLASS B IEC 60751
Water Heating Electrical, 6.3kW on three-phase version, 2.3kW on single-phase version
Steam Condensor Optional
Display 4 digits with segments and communication led icons
Detergent Dosing System Max. 1 powder dispenser and 3 liquid pumps
Detergent Level Sensor Optional
Liquid Acid Pump Yes
Safety Lock Yes, with electromagnetic release and automatic opening
Safety Devices Safety thermostats, door interlock
Alarm Display Yes, acoustic and visual
Troubleshooting Menu Yes, using PC connection
Traceability Storage of data for 100 most recently run programs
RS232 Serial Port for PC Connection yes, for connection to PC or printer
Cycle Storage Yes, TRACELOG/Excel format
Cycle File Download Yes, TRACELOG format
Cold Water Inlet Yes, mac 42°F hardness
Drying Fan Yes
Demineralised Water Booster Pump Optional
Drying Heating Element 0.8kW
Demineralised Water Inlet Yes, <20µS/cm
Prefilter Class C 98% yes
HEPA Filter Class S 99.999% Optional
Water Softener Incorporated Yes
Recirculation Pump 400l/min
Overall Dimensions 600 x 605 x 850mm
Chamber Dimensions 520 x 515 x 545mm
Net Weight (kg) 77
Wash Chamber AISI 316L
Exterior Covering AISI 304
Voltage/Power 1/N/PE 230V ~ 50Hz 2.8kW 3/N/PE 400V ~ 50Hz 7.0kW
Noise Level Max 50dB

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